Custom Christmas Cracker Ideas to Promote Your Business

Custom Christmas Cracker Ideas to Promote Your Business

Custom Christmas Cracker Ideas to Promote Your Business

18 November 2019
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One of the leading ways that companies celebrate the holidays and network with contacts is to throw a Christmas party. This type of party means that you need to have some sort of party favours. One option you may not think of are custom Christmas crackers. The custom options allow you to have a party favour and traditional holiday reminder while also promoting your business to new clients. Here are a few of the ways to create custom options and promote your business.

Labelled Chocolates

If you know you will have a number of children at the Christmas party, then one option may be to have candy put in the crackers. If you are trying to get the name of your company out there, reach more customers or clients and still give the children something to enjoy, then you can have logo-wrapped chocolate candies. These candies are individually wrapped with your logo on each candy or on the inside wrapper. This gets the name out with every candy that exits the building and is opened in front of someone else.

Labelled Spa Salts

If you have new products that may be geared to spa-themed nights, self-care or at-home spa experiences, then one of the options to consider are labelled spa salts. You can place several small packs of salts in the crackers. The salts can be individually wrapped and labelled with the scent, special soothing properties the salts have and the label of your company. If the salts are a sample of an upcoming spa line you plan on releasing, then you can have the debut date of that line. 

Labelled Bagged Tea

Bagged tea is something that many people enjoy. It may be a cup in the morning, for lunch or at dinner. One aspect of bagged tea that people pay attention to is the paper tags. Many companies have made a business off of placing scriptures, sayings or inspirational quotes. You can use this advertising method to your advantage. Consider placing your logo and a quote on each tea bag tag. The drinker will see the logo and will remember your name since they will be drawn to the different look of the tag. 

When you are ready to place your order for custom Christmas crackers, contact your local wholesaler. They can help you with placing your order, obtaining the logo and business-based items you want in the crackers and give you price estimates. If you have any questions, you can discuss them with the company representative to determine whether they can meet your needs. Read more online to learn about things like custom Christmas crackers.

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