5 Reasons Your Restaurant or Cafe Needs a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker

5 Reasons Your Restaurant or Cafe Needs a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker

5 Reasons Your Restaurant or Cafe Needs a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker

16 October 2018
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There are plenty of commercial coffee makers available for restaurants and cafes, but bean-to-cup models should be your go-to. Here are just five reasons why you need these beverage supplies.

1. No Need for Lengthy Training 

With a bean-to-cup coffee machine, there's no need to conduct long training sessions every time you hire a new team member. Bean-to-cup coffee makers are incredibly easy to use. You simply make sure there are enough beans inside and then start it up. You can show a new staff member how to use one in just a couple of minutes.

2. Frees Up Your Staff

Whether it's a restaurant or a café, staff are going to have more to do than just making coffee. Even if all you actually sell is coffee, they'll need to work with different customers at once. A bean-to-cup machine is ideal in such situations because they are completely automatic. As mentioned above, that means no lengthy training is required. Even better, your staff don't need to keep an eye on the brewing process, so they can take care of other jobs while coffee is being made.

3. Minimal Wastage and Cleaning

When you use a bean-to-cup coffee maker, you don't need to use any pods or filter papers, and you don't need to worry about loose grounds. Cutting down on those products means you won't have to worry about stocking up on anything but the beans themselves. Better yet, it means you won't need to worry as much about cleaning. Other commercial coffee machines often need to be cleaned at the end of every day.

4. Quick Cups of Coffee

Some customers will be happy to stop and chat while they wait for their coffee. However, you'll often find that people want to grab their coffee without any wait. It clearly pays to have coffee available as soon as possible, and a bean-to-cup machine can help. Since everything from grinding to extraction takes place in one machine, coffee is produced extremely quickly.

5. Provides Better Coffee

All the points above are important, but people are only going to become customers if you can offer good coffee, and that's the main benefit of a bean-to-cup machine. Since coffee is made right after the beans are ground, none of the vital oils are lost and the coffee isn't allowed to dry out and become bitter. Most people can't afford the luxury of such high-end coffee machines at home, which is why they'll come to you.

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